Kent & Larry Show

Thursday and Friday mornings Larry Nesbit and Kent Dear talk  with you about the issues of the day. From local to state,  national to international, even the jerk that cut Larry off on the way to work- we talk about it all. Exercise your First Amendment rights  and let your voice be heard on Mississippi's most powerful and far-reaching Newstalk station, WJNT Newstalk 1180.
Larry could be a criminals worst nightmare. He's an international banker with high powered firearms and a badge. As a former Hinds county Deputy Sheriff, when he talks about crime and criminals in Jackson, it's from firsthand experience.
Kent is a life-long Jackson native and works as an Investment Advisor. In addition to his "Business Mondays" show here on WJNT, Kent lends his perspective to the show Thursday and Friday mornings from 8 to 9am. Got something on your mind that our listeners would be interested to know? Call us @ 601-366-1180 or Toll Free nationwide @ 1-877JNT-1180. (1-877-568-1180) We look forward to hearing from you!
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