WJNT Programming Schedule 


Monday - Friday:

12:00am  Midnight Radio Network

4:00am  This Morning with Gordon Deal

8:00am  WJNT This Morning

9:00am   Brian Kilmeade and Friends

11:00am  Laura Ingraham

1:00pm  Jonathon Brandmeier

5:00pm  WAPT News at 5

5:30pm  Mark Levin

9:00pm  Jerry Doyle

*Fox News at the top of the hour *

* WAPT News & Weather Updates - 7:30a, 8:05a, 8:30a, 3:30p, 4:30p, 5:30p *

* Traffic Updates with Bill Wilson - 7:05a, 7:30a, 7:50a, 5:05p, 5:30p, 5:50p *



12:00am  Midnight Radio Network

4:00am  This Morning with Gordon Deal

6:00am Horsepower for an Hour

8:00 The Drive with Alan Taylor

9:00am  Kim Komando

12:00pm  Chad Benson

3:00pm  Sam Sorbo

6:00pm  Mark Levin

9:00pm  Larry Kudlow Show



12:00am My Cool Inventions

2:00am Golden Age of Radio Theatre

5:00am  Front Lines of Freedom

7:00am Fat Guys at the Movies

8:00am  Dr. Bob Martin

8:30am  The Baptist Bible Hour 

9:00am  The Handyman Show - Glen Hagee

1:00pm  Gun Talk - Tom Gresham

3:00pm  Bob Brinker – Moneytalk (live)

6:00pm  Ben Ferguson Show

9:00pm  Chad Benson Show 

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